Domains: Charm, Death, Evil, Law

Favored Weapon: Cane (club)


Barakkh the Ghostlord is the greatest of all barghests, master of goblinoids, noble undead such as aristocratic vampires and wraiths, and civilized lycanthropes like wererats. With more influence than an individual devil lord due to his wide-reaching and diverse influences, he has many legends telling of how he came to be and indelibly changed the inhabitants of both the Outer Ring and Nolav.

One says that his soul originated as a mortal who died in an act of tragic love and was torn between remaining on the Material Plane as undead and going to his just reward in the Abyss. He became a demon of the mortal plane, a nabasu, but one whose hunger was tempered by vindictive focus. Unable to remain among Yeenoghu‘s anarchic followers, he led the most controllable of his new brethren in a cultural revolution, where they defied their urges to evolve and return to the Outer Ring, instead remaining on Nolav and setting themselves up as nobility. Different individuals diverged in their methods, becoming the oni who rule as the greatest of humanoids and the rakshasas who remained wolves in sheep’s clothing, but Barakkh and his closest confidants carved out enough power to become a new pantheon of law and evil, becoming the barghests, rulers of a demiplane of eternal life on the edge of the Inferno.

Barakkh still bears a grudge against Yeenoghu and is more his match in power, but the beast is amused by the antics of his creation, worried little as he is destined to consume all creation into himself once more in the end. The more homogeneous devils also have a difficult relationship with their new neighbor, suspicious of his origins and his continued association with shapechangers. But he has strong appeal on the Material Plane compared to those six-limbed aliens who have had all remnants of their mortal existences wiped clean. Every vengeful cuckold who maintains the preserved remains of his lover, every noble who hopes to rule forever while staving off his degeneration into a lowly beast has something to gain from Barakkh’s teachings. Some say even the aboleths, who like him escaped the chaos of mutation to create their own rigid empires of servitors, seek his help to restore the domination of the world by immortal tyrants.


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