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  • Gnolls

    _"Afoo!" —all-purpose Gnoll interjection and expletive, exact meaning obscure due to censorship from most lexicons_ Gnolls consider themselves the ultimate devourers, raiding civilized peoples for food and slaves. They say that the way to a gnoll's …

  • Claws of Yeenoghu

    The zealous tribe led by High Priest [[:12744]] is the power behind the invasion of the [[Empire of Altan]]. It consists mainly of [[gnolls]] with a [[flinds|flind]] upper class and numerous demonic allies.

  • Renders

    **The Renders** are a particularly savage tribe of gnolls from the southern [[Teeth]], veterans of many battles against the civilized folk of [[Cliffton]] and the [[City of Hammers]]. Allying with the [[Claws of Yeenoghu]] and [[Bared Blades]], they …