Empire of Altan

A nation that emerged from the ruins of the elven kingdom and the old republic

Fiefdoms: Duchy of Dread, County of Numera, Barony of Bucol, Barony of Gallows, Barony of Silverfang, etc.

Population Centers: Lindberg (the Imperial City), Forktown, Lessford, Sahuagin’s Cove, Trolldock, etc.

Dire Marches

Territories: Fallen Kingdom, Frontier Forest, Nightwood, No Man’s Land, Towhead Island, etc.

Geographical Features: Lake Stragg, Mithral Current, River Imperious, Slayer River, Teeth, etc.

Hostile Inhabitants: Applewyrms, Bleeding Liver, Snapped Rib, etc.

Invaders: Claws of Yeenoghu, Bared Blades, Renders, etc.

Empire of Altan

Mése’ta Archlords