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The commonly accepted theory of the multiverse is the cosmology of the scholar Mése’ta. This early diagram gives a basic idea, although it varies from his later revisions in the spacing of planes (the Elemental Planes are coterminous with the Material Plane, one another, and the Outer Planes, and the Astral Plane also reaches the Outer Ring) and has only eleven circles, lacking the Positive and Negative Energy planes.


Nolav is the Material Plane of the Mése’ta cosmology, home of humanoids, dragons, and fey, and in many ways the center of the multiverse. It is coterminous with the Plane of Positive Energy. Nolav is also coexistent with the Plane of Shadow, which also has a common terminus with the Plane of Negative Energy. This leads followers of the Ghostlord and Yeenoghu to suggest that undeath is cosmically designated as at least an equal counterpart to positive-energy-based life. Aberrations are native to Nolav but generally have origins relating to far below earth and water, and are touched by chaos and evil. This may suggest that pockets of pre-creation or portals to alien realms may exist in the deep places of the world and related planes.

The Inner Ring consists of the Elemental Planes of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. All have coterminous points with Nolav and the Plane of Shadow, and each touches its two non-opposing elemental planes and two Outer Planes at the “corners.” The elements are basic building blocks of creation that were separated by the Demiurge.

The Outer Ring comprises the homes of the aligned outsiders: the Celestial Bureaucracy (archons), the Inferno (devils), and the Abyss (demons). The home of the angels and azatas has many incongruous names. Among humans, it is most commonly revered by the people of the Isle of Berserkers as Angry-La, a name that shows one aspect of the silly and emotional people, if not their less rigid focus on good. No doubt the elves have a more proper name for it, but they have little organized religion. Angry-La and the Celestial Bureaucracy are represented on the Material Plane, watching over Nolav from its two moons, while the Abyss and the Inferno are associated with the deep places of the world.

Finally, the Astral Plane is little more than a way for traveling between all of the above. Where it comes between the Material Plane and Plane of Shadow, it is also known as the Ethereal Plane.

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