This is primarily a wiki for my Mése’ta campaign setting. I’m working on vetting new players.

The Final Frontier (a Pathfinder RPG? campaign for ?th-level characters): In the wake of the Gnollwar, the land has returned to a relatively stable condition. But now a greater battle is brewing, the race across the planes to gain the power of God Himself. . . . [I may resort to D&D or something if necessary to deal with the complications of running epic adventures, but it won’t take place until I see the results of the rules and storyline in The Gnollwar anyway, so there’s no hurry.]

The Gnoll Patrol (a completed 3rd-Edition D&D campaign for 1st-ECL characters): In the year 169, heroes working for the Silver Axe adventuring company fought against the gnolls mustering their forces in the Teeth. Sadly, their efforts were in vain, and the beasts overran all civilization in the range. [The log for this campaign was found here.]

The Gnollwar (a Pathfinder RPG campaign for 1st-level, 1st-tier mythic characters): Having conquered the mountains, the gnoll horde advances into the low-lying Empire of Altan. Can the forces of law and good stop their rampage? [We started playing this in D&D v.3.5, but scheduling didn’t work out, so it was put on indefinite hold. The 8th-level point was where it left off, but I’m thinking of testing a way to make Pathfinder smoother, which also gives more story hooks.]

Mongrel Gulch (a Pathfinder RPG campaign for 1st?-level characters): Between the Teeth, a land controlled by barbaric gnolls; the Wake, an authoritarian, fiend-worshiping empire; and the Dire Marches, a monstrous frontier of Altan; lies a small settlement of outcasts. Consisting of a melting pot of various cultures and those in-between them, the town is in need of law enforcement officers to keep the peace. Thus, the new administration puts out a call for deputies to clean up the town. [This one was just dreamed up for a group that didn’t work out, but I could still use stuff from it.]

“Talisman” (a Pathfinder RPG adventure for ?-ECL characters): When a mysterious patroness hires adventurers to acquire a magic item, what is her real motive?


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